Fundamental concepts in commutative algebra, Math 80599



General Info:


·  Michael Temkin

·  E-mail: temkin

·  Office: Ros 78A (tel. 02-6584575)

·  Office Hours: by appointment

·  Lectures: Mondays 10-11:45 at Ros 70, Tuesdays 16-17:45 at Mathematics 110.

Teaching Assistants:

·  Uri Brezner

·  E-mail: uri.brezner

·  Office: Ros 26 (tel. 02-6584846) 

·  Office Hours: by appointment

·  Recitations: Tuesdays 12-13:45 at Sprinzak 116.


·  The commutative algebra part will be due to "Introduction to Commutative Algebra" by Atiyah and Macdonald.


·  The final grade will be obtained as follows: 50% of the exam grade plus 50% of the homework grade. The grade for homework will be computed by averaging 10 best weekly homework grades.

The exam will be only on the commutative algebra part of the course, and an exam syllabus will be posted in the end of the course.


·  The exercises are assigned on Tuesdays on this webpage, and should be submitted to Uri's mailbox until the end of the next Thursday (any time before 24:00 is ok). Late (or non-submitted) homework will not be graded. Homework may include a non-mandatory part marked by *, which is not for submission but can be helpful for deeper understanding of the material. You are welcome to discuss it with me or Uri.

Homework Assignments:

More difficult problems are marked with *.