Articles in Press

Updated: July 30th, 2019

  • Title: The discrete spherical averages over a family of sparse sequences
    Author(s): K. Hughes
  • Title: Cyclic polynomials in anisotropic Dirichlet spaces
    Author(s): G. Knese, K. Kosiński, T. J. Ransford, A. A. Sola
  • Title: Polynomial values in affine subspaces of finite fields
    Author(s): A. Ostafe
  • Title: Weighted weak-type (1,1) estimates for radial Fourier multipliers via extrapolation theory
    Author(s): M. J. Carro, C. Domingo-Salazar
  • Title: Monomial convergence for holomorphic functions in l_r
    Author(s): F. Bayart, A. Defant, S. Schlüters
  • Title: Unique continuation through transversal characteristic hypersurfaces
    Author(s): N. Lerner
  • Title: Cost, L^2-Betti numbers and the sofic entropy of some algebraic actions
    Author(s): D. Gaboriau, B. Seward
  • Title: Cloaking via anomalous localized resonance for doubly complementary media in the finite frequency regime
    Author(s): H-M Nguyen
  • Title: Closed range of ∂‾ on unbounded domains in Cn
    Author(s): P. S. Harrington, A. Raich
  • Title: Positive matrices in the Hardy space with prescribed boundary representations via the Kaczmarz algorithm
    Author(s): J. E. Herr, P. E.T. Jorgensen, E. S. Weber
  • Title: Nonlocal perimeter, curvature and minimal surfaces for measurable sets
    Author(s): J. M. Mazon, J. D. Rossi, J. Toledo
  • Title: Banach algebras of weakly differentiable functions
    Author(s): A. Cianchi, L. Pick, L. Slavíková
  • Title: Sobolev regularity of quasiconformal mappings on domains
    Author(s): M. Prats
  • Title: On Lp-improving for averages associated to mixed homogeneous hypersurfaces in R^3
    Author(s): S. Dendrinos, E. Zimmermann
  • Title: Uniform mixing and completely positive sofic entropy
    Author(s): T. Austin, P. Burton
  • Title: Bounds on trilinear and quadrilinear exponential sums
    Author(s): G. Petridis, I. E. Shparlinski
  • Title: Moser-Trudinger inequality in fractional Sobolev-Slobodecky spaces
    Author(s): E. Parini, B. Ruf
  • Title: A non-variational system involving the critical Sobolev exponent. The radial case
    Author(s): F. Gladiali, M. Grossi, C. Troestler
  • Title: On inequalities for bounded univalent functions
    Author(s): E. A. Gallardo-Gutierrez, C. Pommerenke
  • Title: Local fractional and singular integrals on open subsets
    Author(s): E. Harboure, O. Salinas, B. Viviani
  • Title: Bergman projection induced by kernel with integral representation
    Author(s): J. A. Peláez, J. Rättyä, B. Wick
  • Title: Topological correspondence of multiple ergodic averages of nilpotent group actions
    Author(s): W. Huang, S. Shao, X. Ye
  • Title: Discrete balayage and boundary sandpile
    Author(s): H. Aleksanyan, H. Shahgholian
  • Title: Differencing methods for Korobov-type exponential sums
    Author(s): J. Vandehey
  • Title: Boundary Gauss-Lucas type theorems on the disk
    Author(s): K. Dyakonov
  • Title: Singular integrals unsuitable for the curvature method whose L^2 boundedness still implies rectafibility
    Author(s): P. Chunaev, J. Mateu, X. Tolsa
  • Title: Power-type cancellation for the simplex Hilbert transform
    Author(s): P. Durcik, V. Kovač, C. Thiele
  • Title: A note on the unique extremality of spiral-stretch maps
    Author(s): X. Feng, Y. Hu, Y. Shen
  • Title: Equidistribution of bounded torsion CM points
    Author(s): R. Hough
  • Title: Complex Tauberian theorems for Laplace transforms with local pseudofunction boundary behavior
    Author(s): G. Debruyne, J. Vindas
  • Title: A priori growth estimates for nonnegative supertemperatures and solutions of semilinear heat equations in a Lipschitz domain
    Author(s): K. Hirata
  • Title: A Hopf Lemma for holomorphic functions in Hardy spaces and applications to CR mappings
    Author(s): S. Berhanu, J. Hounie
  • Title: Extreme points in isometric embedding problem for model spaces
    Author(s): L. Golinskii
  • Title: Local form-subordination condition and Riesz basisness of root systems
    Author(s): B. Mityagin, P. Siegl
  • Title: Garsia-Rodemich spaces: Bourgain-Brezis-Mironescu space, embeddings and rearrangement invariant spaces
    Author(s): M. Milman
  • Title: Anisotropic Shubin operators and eigenfunction expansions in Gelfand-Shilov spaces
    Author(s): M. Cappiello, T. Gramchev, S. Pilipovic, L. Rodino
  • Title: Ap-A\infty estimates for multilinear maximal and sparse operators
    Author(s): P. Zorin-Kranich
  • Title: Harmonic functions which vanish on coaxial cylinders
    Author(s): S. J. Gardiner, H. Render
  • Title: Dirichlet problem for ƒ-minimal graphs
    Author(s): J.-B. Casteras, E. Heinonen, I. Holopainen
  • Title: Microscopic densities and Fock-Sobolev spaces
    Author(s): Y. Ameur, S.-M. Seo
  • Title: Dimensional lower bounds for Falconer type incidence and point configuration theorems
    Author(s): J. Dewitt, K. Ford, E. Goldstein, S. Miller, G. Moreland, E. A. Palsson, S. Senger
  • Title: Self-adjoint indefinite Laplacians
    Author(s): C. Cacciapuoti, K. Pankrashkin, A. Posilicano
  • Title: On the stability for Alexandrov's soap bubble theorem
    Author(s): R. Magnanini, G. Poggesi
  • Title: Manifolds of quasiconformal mappings and the nonlinear Beltrami equation
    Author(s): K. Astala, A. Clop, D. Faraco, J. Jääskeläinen
  • Title: L^2 extension of ∂‾-closed forms from a hypersurface
    Author(s): J. D. McNeal, D. Varolin
  • Title: Discrepency bounds for the distribution of the Riemann zeta-function and applications
    Author(s): Y. Lamzouri, S. Lester, M. Radziwill
  • Title: Prescribing inner parts of derivatives of inner functions
    Author(s): O. Ivrii
  • Title: Bounds on short character sums and L-functions with charaters to a powerful modulus
    Author(s): W. D. Banks, I. Shparlinski
  • Title: Pointwise convergence of multiple ergodic averages and strictly ergodic models
    Author(s): W. Huang, S. Shao, X. Ye
  • Title: The iterated minimum modulus and conjectures of Baker and Eremenko
    Author(s): J.W.Osborne, P.J. Rippon. G.M. Stallard
  • Title: Liouville theorems for nonlinear elliptic equations in half-spaces
    Author(s): J. García-Melián, A. Quaas, B. Sirakov
  • Title: Translation-invariant probality measures on entire functions
    Author(s): L. Buhovsky, A. Glücksam, A. Logunov, M. Sodin
  • Title: Proper holomorphic immersions into Stein manifolds with the density property
    Author(s): F. Forstnerič
  • Title: Holomorphic mappings of once-holed tori, II
    Author(s): M. Masumoto
  • Title: Sparse bounds for spherical maximal functions
    Author(s): M. T. Lacey
  • Title: l_p-norms of Fourier coefficients of powers of a Blaschke factor
    Author(s): O. Szehr, R. Zarouf
  • Title: Discretized sum-product estimates in matrix algebras
    Author(s): W. He
  • Title: On the tightness of Gaussian concentration for convex functions
    Author(s): P. Valettas
  • Title: Free boundary problem and the isoperimetric inequality
    Author(s): A. Abanov, C. Beneteau, D. Khavinson, R. Teodorescu
  • Title: Rank-one actions, their $(C,F)$-models and constructions with bounded parameters
    Author(s): A. I. Danilenko
  • Title: Removable sets for intrinsic metric and for holomorphic functions
    Author(s): S. Kalmykov, L. Kovalev, T. Rajala
  • Title: A Schwarz lemma at the boundary on complex Hilbert balls and applications to starlike mappings
    Author(s): I. Graham, H. Hamada and G. Kohr
  • Title: On Hardy and Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalities
    Author(s): H.-M. Nguyen and M. Squassina
  • Title: Pointwise bounds and blow-up for systems of semilinear elliptic inequalities at an isolated singularity via nonlinear potential estimates
    Author(s): M. Ghergu, S. D. Taliaferro and I. E. Verbitsky
  • Title: Univalent wandering domains in the Eremenko-Lyubich class
    Author(s): N. Fagella, X. Jarque and K. Lazebnik
  • Title: Sharp regularity for the inhomogeneous porous medium equation
    Author(s): D. J. Araujo, A. F. Maia and J. M. Urbano
  • Title: Superminimizers and a weak Cartan property for $p=1$ in metric spaces
    Author(s): P. Lathi
  • Title: Sparse bounds for pseudodifferential operators
    Author(s): D. Beltran and L. Cladek
  • Title: Constrained minimum Riesz energy problems for a condenser with intersecting plates
    Author(s): P.D. Dragnev, B. Fuglede, D.P. Hardin, E.B. Saff and N. Zorii
  • Title: Nikolskii constants for polynomials on the unit sphere
    Author(s): Fang Dai, Dmitry Gorbachev and Sergey Tikhonov
  • Title: Ces\`aro bounded operators in Banach spaces
    Author(s): D. T. Berm\'udez, A. Bonilla, V. M\"uller and A. Peris
  • Title: Complex curves in pseudoconvex Runge domains containing discrete subsets
    Author(s): A. Alarcon
  • Title: Embeddings and associated spaces of Copson-Lorentz spaces
    Author(s): M. Krepela
  • Title: On some weakly coercive quasilinear problems with forcing
    Author(s): A. Szulkin and M. Willem
  • Title: CA semilinear elliptic equation with competing powers and a radial potential
    Author(s): M. Musso and J. Pimentel
  • Title: Spectrality of product domains and Fuglede's conjecture for convex polytopes
    Author(s): R. Greenfeld and N. Lev
  • Title: Entropy of Bernoulli convolutions and uniform exponential growth for linear groups
    Author(s): E. Breuillard and P. Varju
  • Title: The structure theory of nilspaces I
    Author(s): Y. Gutman, F. Manners and P. P. Varju
  • Title: Analytic properties of spherical cusp forms on $GL(n)$
    Author(s): V. Blomer, G. Harcos and P. Maga
  • Title: Rigidity of groups of circle diffeomorphisms and Teichm\"uller spaces
    Author(s): K. Matsuzaki
  • Title: Delaunay solutions of biharmonic elliptic equation
    Author(s): Z. Guo, X. Huang, L. Wang and J. Wei
  • Title: On the equivalence of heat kernels of second-order parabolic operators
    Author(s): D. Ganguly and Y. Pinchover
  • Title: A relative, strictly ergodic model theorem for infinite measure-preserving systems
    Author(s): H. Yuasa
  • Title: Doubling chains on complements of algebraic hypersurfaces
    Author(s): O. Friedland and Y. Yomdin
  • Title: Dynamical sampling on finite index sets
    Author(s): C. Cabrelli, U. Molter, V. Paternostro and F. Philipp
  • Title: Classifying complex geodesics for the Carath\'eodory metric on low-dimensional Teichm\"uller spaces
    Author(s): D. Gekhtman and V. Markovic
  • Title: Hypercyclic subsets
    Author(s): S. Charpentier and R. Ernst
  • Title: Central Limit Theorems for actions which are exponentially mixing of all orders
    Author(s): M. Bj\"orklund and A. Gorodnik
  • Title: Affine embeddings of Cantor sets in the plane
    Author(s): A. Algom
  • Title: Strongly automorphic mappings and Julia sets of uniformly quasiregular mappings
    Author(s): A. Fletcher and D. Macclure
  • Title: On generalized Latt\`es maps
    Author(s): F. Pakovich
  • Title: A smooth zero-entropy diffeomorphism whose product with itself is loosely Bernoulli
    Author(s): M. Gerber and P. Kunde
  • Title: Sum-Product phenomena: $p$-adic case
    Author(s): Alireza Salehi Golsefidy
  • Title: Blow-up profiles and life beyond blow-up in the fully parabolic Keller-Segel system
    Author(s): M. Winkler
  • Title: Feynman Path Integrals for Magnetic Schr\"odinger Operators on infinite weighted graphs
    Author(s): B. G\"uneysu and M. Keller
  • Title: Sharp spectral transition for eigenvalues embedded into the spectral bands of perturbed periodic operators
    Author(s): W. Liu and D. C. Ong
  • Title: On the hyperbolic distance of $n$-times punctured sphere
    Author(s): Toshiyuki Sugawa, Matti Vuorinen and Tanran Zhang
  • Title: Improved estimates for polynomial Roth type theorems in finite fields
    Author(s): Dong Dong, Xiaochun Li and Will Sawin
  • Title: Planck-scale distribution of nodal length of arithmetic random waves
    Author(s): J. Benatar, D. Marinucci and I. Wigman
  • Title: Non-arithmetic monodromy of higher hypergeometric functions
    Author(s): J. Parker
  • Title: Polynomial configurations in sets of positive upper density over local fields
    Author(s): M. Bardestani and K. Mallahi-Karai
  • Title: An SMB approach for pressure representation in amenable virtually orderable groups
    Author(s): R. Brice\~no
  • Title: Complexity growth of a typical triangular billiard is weakly exponential
    Author(s): D. Scheglov
  • Title: On the support of the free additive convolution
    Author(s): Z. Bao, L. Erd\"os and K. Schnelli
  • Title: The two weight T1 theorem for fractional Riesz transforms when one measure is supported on a curve
    Author(s): E. Sawyer, Chun-Yen Shen and I. Uriarte-Tuero
  • Title: The asymptotic value of the Mahler measure of the Rudin-Shapiro polynomials
    Author(s): T. Erd\'elyi
  • Title: Cohomological equation and cocycle rigidity of discrete parabolic actions in some higher rank Lie groups
    Author(s): J. Tanis and Z. J. Wang
  • Title: Universally Starlike and Pick Functions
    Author(s): A. Bakan, S. Ruscheweyh and L. Salinas
  • Title: A sharp stability result for the Gauss mean value formula
    Author(s): G. Cupini, N. Fusco, E. Lanconelli and X. Zhong
  • Title: Spectral Dimension for $\beta$-almost periodic singular Jacobi operator s and the extended Harper's model
    Author(s): Rui Han, Fan Yang and Shiwen Zhang
  • Title: Random non-hyperbolic exponential maps
    Author(s): M. Urba\'nski and A. Zdunik
  • Title: On Taylor coefficients of smooth functions
    Author(s): A. Kiro
  • Title: A new approach to non-homogeneous local $Tb$ theorems
    Author(s): H. Martikainen, M. Mourgoglou and E. Vuorinen
  • Title: Littlewood--Paley--Stein Estimates for non-local Dirichlet forms
    Author(s): Huaiqian Li and Jian Wang
  • Title: Loewner chains with quasiconformal extensions: an approximation approach
    Author(s): Ikkei Hotta
  • Title: $l^p(Z^d)$-Improving Properties and Sparse Bounds for Discrete Spherical Maximal Averages
    Author(s): R. M. Kesler
  • Title: Critical points and level sets of Grushin-harmonic functions on the plane
    Author(s): Hairong Liu and Xiaoping Yang
  • Title: Infinitesimally small spheres and conformally invariant metrics
    Author(s): A. Solynin and S. Pouliasis
  • Title: Mappings of finite distortion: compactness of the branch set
    Author(s): A. Kauranen, R. Luisto and V. Tengvall
  • Title: Some results related to Schiffer's problem
    Author(s): B. Kawohl and M. Lucia
  • Title: Discrete Bethe--Sommerfeld conjecture for triangular, square, and hexagonal lattices
    Author(s): J. Fillman and R. Han
  • Title: Quadratic differentials and signed measures
    Author(s): Y. Baryshnikov and B. Shapiro
  • Title: Maximal operators associated with bilinear multipliers of limited decay
    Author(s): L. Grafakos, Danqing He and P. Honz\'ik
  • Title: Krein reproducing kernel modules in Clifford analysis
    Author(s): D. Alpay, P. Cerejeiras and U. K\"ahler
  • Title: Existence and exactness of exponential Riesz sequences and Fourier frames for fractal measures
    Author(s): Dorin Dutkay, Shahram Emami and Chun-Kit Lai
  • Title: The space of invariant measures for countable Markov shifts
    Author(s): G. Iommi and A. Velozo
  • Title: Uniform domains and hyperbolic distance
    Author(s): D. A. Herron
  • Title: An Operator theoretic approach to the convergence of rearranged Fourier series
    Author(s): K. Hamm, B. Hayes and A. Petrosyan
  • Title: Product of two staircase rank one transformations that is not loosely Bernoulli
    Author(s): A. Kanigowski and T. de la Rue
  • Title: Operator algebras for higher rank analysis and their application to factorial languages
    Author(s): A. Dor-On and E. T. A. Kakariadis
  • Title: Frequent hypercyclicity of random holomorphic functions for Taylor shifts and optimal growth
    Author(s): A. Mouze and V. Munnier
  • Title: Rigidity sequences, Kazhdan sets and group topologies on the integers
    Author(s): C. Badea, S. Grivaux and E. Matheron
  • Title: A hierarchy of topological systems with completely positive entropy
    Author(s): S. Barbieri and F. Garc\'ia-Ramos