Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursdays, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Building, Lecture Hall 2

2009-10, תש"ע

22nd October 2009: Alex Lubotzky (Hebrew University), "Counting groups, manifolds and primes"

29th October 2009: Alexander Stolin (Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola, Sweden), "Classification of Lie bialgebra structures on g[u] and g[[u]]"

5th November 2009: Mikhail Katz (Bar Ilan), "Bi-Lipschitz approximation by finite-dimensional imbeddings"

12th November 2009: Eitan Bachmat (BGU), "Express lines in the supermarket and Riemann's paper on number theory"

19th November 2009: Kathryn Hess (Lausanne), "Free loop spaces in topology and physics"

26th November 2009: David Ebin (Stony Brook), "Geodesics on Groups of Diffeomorphisms"

3rd December 2009: Maria Gorelik (Weizmann), "On an analogue of Macdonald identities"

10th December 2009: Zabrodsky Lecture Andrei Okounkov (Princeton), "Noncommutative geometry in applied math"

17th December 2009: Gregory Lawler (Chicago), "Fractal and multifractal properties of the Schramm-Loewner evolution"

24th December 2009: Barry Simon (Caltech), "Natural boundaries and spectral theory"

31st December 2009: Ron Peled (Courant Institute), "Fair Allocations to Random Points"

7th January 2010: Bill Johnson (Texas A&M), LANDAU Lecture "Five 20+ Year Old Problems in the Geometry of Banach Spaces"

14th January 2010: Michel Deza (ENS, Paris and JAIST, Ishikawa), "Geometry of Virus Structure"

21st January 2010: Matan Prezma (HU), "Homotopical normal maps"


25th February 2010: Zlil Sela (HU) [Taanit Esther], "Cube complexes and the topology of 3-manifolds (after D. Wise)"

4th March 2010: Dedicated to the memory of Lior Tzafriri z"l: Gideon Schechtman (Weizmann), "Commutators and the structure of isomorphisms on L_p"

11th March 2010: Emmanuel Breuillard (Universite Paris-Sud 11), "Approximate groups and expanders"

18th March 2010: Jeff Cheeger (Courant Institute), "Lipschitz maps from metric spaces with many rectifiable curves"


15th April 2010: Laurent Clozel (Universite Paris-Sud), "Extensions of Q with minimal ramification and self-dual automorphic forms"

22nd April 2010: Yakov Sinai (Princeton), First DVORETZKY LECTURE "Navier-Stokes System and Renormalization Group Method"

29th April 2010: Helmut Neunzert (Fraunhofer Institute, Kaiserslautern University, Germany), In honor of Prof. Shmuel Kaniel on his 75th birthday "Kinetic Schemes in Fluid Dynamics""

6th May 2010: Michael Entov (Technion), "Almost linear functionals on Lie algebras"

13th May 2010: Dmitry Jakobson (McGill), "Gauss curvature of random metrics"

20th May 2010: Dan Mangoubi (HU), "The Geometry of Zeroes of Harmonic functions and Eigenfunctions"

27th May 2010: Omri Sarig (Weizmann/Penn State), "The topological pressure as a dynamical 'generating function'"

3rd June 2010: Evgeny Strahov (HU), "Representation theory of the infinite symmetric group and point processes of random matrix type"

10th June 2010: Peter Sarnak (Princeton), "Mobius randomness and dynamics" The talk is held in the context of the 16th Amitsur Memorial Symposium and starts at 15:30

17th June 2010: Mladen Bestvina (Utah), "Asymptotic dimension"

Colloquium Organiser: Jake Solomon Colloquium webpage: Ruth Lawrence-Naimark
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