Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursdays, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Building, Lecture Hall 2

2008-09, תשס"ט

6th November 2008: Daniel Wise (McGill University), "Groups with a quasiconvex hierarchy"

13th November 2008: Grigory Mikhalkin (Geneva), "Real algebraic knots and links"

20th November 2008: Bill Casselman (Univesity of British Columbia), "Patterns in Coxeter groups"

27th November 2008: Jean-Claude Hausmann (University of Geneva), "Conjugation spaces"

4th December 2008: Klaus Schmidt (University of Vienna), "Sandpiles and the Harmonic Model"

11th December 2008: Hershel Farkas (HU), "Generalizations of the Thomae Formulae to Z_n curves"

18th December 2008: Paul Rabinowitz (Wisconsin), 2008 Landau Lectures "IT ALL BEGAN WITH MOSER...", Lecture I: "Towards an Aubry-Mather Theory for a class of PDE's"

25th December 2008: Zabrodsky Lecture, David Gabai (Princeton), "Topology vs. Geometry: Volumes of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds"

1st January 2009: W. Dwyer (Notre Dame), "Groups and spaces can be hard to tell apart"

8th January 2009: Michael Temkin (Pennsylvania), "Riemann-Zariski spaces"

15th January 2009: Noa Nitzan (Hebrew U), "A planar 3-convex set is indeed a union of six convex sets"

22nd January 2009: Shahar Mendalson (Technion), "Geometric aspects of learning theory"

29th January 2009: Eran Nevo (Cornell), "On the g-conjecture"

5th February 2009: Yves de Cornulier (University of Rennes I), "Asymptotic cones of Lie groups"


12th March 2009: Hermann Koenig (Kiel), "On volumes of sections and slabs of l_p^n - balls"

19th March 2009: Jean-Dominique Deuschel (TU Berlin), "Effectove random interface models with gradient interactions"

26th March 2009: Tsachik Gelander (HU), "Flat manifolds and Euler numbers"

2nd April 2009: David Kazhdan (HU), "The second adjointness and the Plancherel measure"


23rd April 2009: Iosif Polterovich (University of Montreal), "Dynamical aspects of spectral asymptotics"

30th April 2009: IMU Annual Meeting

7th May 2009: Dan Romik (HU), "Alternating sign matrices"

14th May 2009: Re'em Sari (HU Physics), "Formation of Planetary Systems"

21st May 2009: Mike Hochman (Princeton), "Local entropy and projections of Cantor sets"

28th May 2009: SHAVUOT

4th June 2009: Boaz Klartag (Tel Aviv), "High-dimensional distributions with convexity properties"

11th June 2009: Peter Storm (U. Penn/HU), "Hyperbolic manifolds and the Bochner technique"

18th June 2009: Elon Lindenstrauss (HU), "Periodic torus orbits and distribution of matrices with given characteristic polynomial"

25th June 2009: Lars Louder (University of Michigan), "Krull dimension for limit groups"

Colloquium Organiser: Noam Berger Colloquium webpage: Ruth Lawrence-Naimark
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