Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursdays, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Building, Lecture Hall 2

2006-07, תשס"ז

26th October 2006: Yves Laszlo (Ecole Polytechnique/Paris VI), Solving polynomial equations and transcendental functions

2nd November 2006: Wendelin Werner (Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay) Fields Medalist 2006, Random planar loops

9th November 2006: Manor Mendel (CS, Open University), "Metric embeddings in algorithms"

16th November 2006: Shiri Artstein (Tel Aviv), "Coverings and Metric Entropy: Duality"

23rd November 2006: Misha Polyak (Technion), "Real enumerative geometry and finite type invariants"

30th November 2006: ZABRODSKY LECTURE Joel Hass (UC Davis), "Recognising the Unknot"

7th December 2006: First of the 2006-07 LANDAU LECTURES: Benoit Perthame (ENS, Paris), "Transport equations in population biology"

14th December 2006: No colloquium due to Special Lecture by Professor Stephen Hawking (Cambridge), "The origin of the universe" on Mt Scopus Campus. Please note that this event is by invitation only, please click here for further details and to obtain an invitation.

21st December 2006: Yehuda Shalom (Tel Aviv), "The algebraization of Kazhdan's property (T)" (Channukah/7)

28th December 2006: Dror Bar-Natan (Toronto), "Algebraic Knot Theory"

4th January 2007: Assaf Libman (Aberdeen), "Orbit spaces and decompositions of classifying spaces"

11th January 2007: Jake Solomon (IAS), "Mirror symmetry, closed and open."

18th January 2007: Elchanan Mossel (UC Berkeley), "A nonlinear invariance principle with applications"

25th January 2007: Yakov Itin (HU), "Gravity-electromagnetic unification from a coframe geometrical structure"


1st March 2007: Taanit Esther

8th March 2007: Victor Batyrev (Tuebingen), "Lattice polytopes from the viewpoint of algebraic geometry"

15th March 2007: Amit Singer (Yale), "Random Computed Tomography and Protein Structuring"

22nd March 2007: Ulrich Koschorke (Siegen), "Coincidences and Kervaire invariants"

29th March 2007: PESACH BREAK

5th April 2007: PESACH

12th April 2007: PESACH BREAK

19th April 2007: Tsachik Gelander (HU), "Countable primitive groups"

26th April 2007: Orna Kupferman (HUCS), "From formulas to systems"

3th May 2007: Erez Lapid (HU), "Spectral asymptotics"

10th May 2007: Nimrod Megiddo (IBM), "On Game Theory and Complexity"

17th May 2007: IMU Annual Meeting

24th May 2007: Professor Van H. Vu (Rutgers), "Random discrete matrices" (This is the first of a series of three lectures comprising this year's Erdos Lectures in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science.)

31st May 2007: No colloquium. Basic Notions seminar moved to this time slot. See also conference on Random Structures and Algorithms in Tel Aviv

7th June 2007: Benny Sudakov (Princeton), "Turan's theorem: generalizations and applications"

14th June 2007: ZUHOVITSKI PRIZE LECTURE Natan Keller (HU), "On the correlation of monotone functions on the discrete cube"

21st June 2007: Edward Swartz (Cornell), "More or less Cohen-Macaulay"

Organiser: Ruth Lawrence-Naimark
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