Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursdays, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Building, Lecture Hall 2

2004-05, תשס"ה

21st October 2004: Barak Kol (Physics, HU), "High energy physics, string theory and mathematics"

28th October 2004: Igor Pak (MIT and HU), "Convex polytopes, rigidity, and classical geometry"

4th November 2004: Paul Biran (TAU), "Algebraic Varieties and Lagrangian Cycles"

11th November 2004: Stephen Miller (Rutgers and HU), "Expander Graphs, GRH, and the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm"

18th November 2004: Shahar Mendelson (Australian National University), "Combinatorial dimensions, entropy and random processes"

25th November 2004: no meeting because of Flato Lectures in Beer-Sheva

2nd December 2004: John Morgan (Columbia), ZABRODSKY LECTURE, "Ricci Flow and three-dimensional manifolds"

9th December 2004: Erez Lapid (HU), "Spectral methods in automorphic forms"

16th December 2004: Boaz Nadler (Yale), "Mathematical Models for ionic permeation through open protein channels"

23rd December 2004: Oded Schramm (Microsoft), "Dynamic percolation, exceptional times, and harmonic analysis of boolean functions"

30th December 2004: Julia Kempe (Paris), "Quantum Computation and the Symmetric Group"

6th January 2005: Tsachik Gelander (Yale), "Free subgroups of linear groups"

13th January 2005: Alexander Braverman (Brown), "Partition functions: between algebraic geometry and representation theory"

20th January 2005: Abraham Neyman (HU), "C4: Complexity, Competition, Correlation, and Communication"


24th February 2005: Benedict Gross (Harvard), "On the sign in the functional equation of L-functions"

3rd March 2005: Hans F\"ollmer (Humboldt University, Berlin) "Stochastic analysis of financial options" (This is the first of three lectures which comprise the Landau Lectures 2004/2005)

10th March 2005: Zeev Rudnick (Tel Aviv), "Eigenvalue statistics and lattice points"

17th March 2005: Ehud Friedgut (HU), "New proofs of the multidimensional Szemeredi theorem via hypergraph regularity"

24th March 2005: Tanit Esther/PURIM

31st March 2005: Assaf Naor (Microsoft Research), "The Lipschitz Extension Problem"

7th April 2005: Matthias Kreck (Heidelberg), "What is typical: symmetric or asymmetric manifolds?" (Part of Landau Center Anniversary Symposium)

14th April 2005: Raz Kupferman (HU), "The high Weissenberg number problem"

21st April 2005: PASSOVER BREAK

28th April 2005: PASSOVER BREAK

5th May 2005: None


19th May 2005: IMU Annual Meeting

26th May 2005: Eitan Bachmat (Computer Science, Ben Gurion), "Airplane boarding and space-time geometry"

2nd June 2005: Wilfried Schmid (Harvard), "Automorphic distributions, L-functions and functional equations"

9th June 2005: ZUHOVITSKI PRIZE LECTURE - Evelyn Magazanik (HU), "Staircase Visibility"

16th June 2005: Frank Vallentin (HU), "Symmetry in Sphere Packings and Sphere Coverings"

Organisers: Yakov Varshavsky (Fall), Ruth Lawrence-Naimark (Spring)
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