Articles in Press

Updated: April 30th, 2021

  • Title: Random non-hyperbolic exponential maps
    Author(s): M. Urba\'nski and A. Zdunik
  • Title: A new approach to non-homogeneous local $Tb$ theorems
    Author(s): H. Martikainen, M. Mourgoglou and E. Vuorinen
  • Title: Littlewood--Paley--Stein Estimates for non-local Dirichlet forms
    Author(s): Huaiqian Li and Jian Wang
  • Title: Loewner chains with quasiconformal extensions: an approximation approach
    Author(s): Ikkei Hotta
  • Title: $l^p(Z^d)$-Improving Properties and Sparse Bounds for Discrete Spherical Maximal Averages
    Author(s): R. M. Kesler
  • Title: Critical points and level sets of Grushin-harmonic functions on the plane
    Author(s): Hairong Liu and Xiaoping Yang
  • Title: Infinitesimally small spheres and conformally invariant metrics
    Author(s): A. Solynin and S. Pouliasis
  • Title: Mappings of finite distortion: compactness of the branch set
    Author(s): A. Kauranen, R. Luisto and V. Tengvall
  • Title: Quadratic differentials and signed measures
    Author(s): Y. Baryshnikov and B. Shapiro
  • Title: Maximal operators associated with bilinear multipliers of limited decay
    Author(s): L. Grafakos, Danqing He and P. Honz\'ik
  • Title: Krein reproducing kernel modules in Clifford analysis
    Author(s): D. Alpay, P. Cerejeiras and U. K\"ahler
  • Title: Existence and exactness of exponential Riesz sequences and Fourier frames for fractal measures
    Author(s): Dorin Dutkay, Shahram Emami and Chun-Kit Lai
  • Title: The space of invariant measures for countable Markov shifts
    Author(s): G. Iommi and A. Velozo
  • Title: Uniform domains and hyperbolic distance
    Author(s): D. A. Herron
  • Title: An Operator theoretic approach to the convergence of rearranged Fourier series
    Author(s): K. Hamm, B. Hayes and A. Petrosyan
  • Title: Product of two staircase rank one transformations that is not loosely Bernoulli
    Author(s): A. Kanigowski and T. de la Rue
  • Title: Operator algebras for higher rank analysis and their application to factorial languages
    Author(s): A. Dor-On and E. T. A. Kakariadis
  • Title: Frequent hypercyclicity of random holomorphic functions for Taylor shifts and optimal growth
    Author(s): A. Mouze and V. Munnier
  • Title: Rigidity sequences, Kazhdan sets and group topologies on the integers
    Author(s): C. Badea, S. Grivaux and E. Matheron
  • Title: A hierarchy of topological systems with completely positive entropy
    Author(s): S. Barbieri and F. Garc\'ia-Ramos
  • Title: A Thurston boundary and the visual sphere of the universal Teichmueller space
    Author(s): H. Hakobyan and D. Saric
  • Title: Normal form approach to the one-dimensional periodic cubic nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation in almost critical Fourier-Lebesgue spaces
    Author(s): Tadahiro Oh and Yuzhao Wang
  • Title: Discretized Sum-product and Fourier decay in $R^n$
    Author(s): Jialun Li
  • Title: Spherical means on the Heisenberg group: Stability of a maximal function estimate
    Author(s): T. C. Anderson, L. Cladek, M. Pramanik and A. Seeger
  • Title: Quantified block gluing for multidimensional subshift of finite type: aperiodicity and entropy
    Author(s): S. Gangloff and M. Sablik
  • Title: The Klein-Gordon equation, the Hilbert transform, and Gauss-type maps: $H^\infty$ approximation
    Author(s): H. Hedenmalm and A. Montes-Rodr\'iguez
  • Title: Linear inequalities in primes
    Author(s): A. Walker
  • Title: Thick families of geodesics and differentiation
    Author(s): C. Gartland
  • Title: On Singular Abreu equations in higher dimensions
    Author(s): Nam Q. Le
  • Title: H\"ormander functional calculus on UMD lattice valued $L^p$ spaces under generalised Gaussian estimates
    Author(s): L. Deleaval, M. Kemppainen and C. Kriegler
  • Title: The Krzyz Conjecture and an Entropy Conjecture
    Author(s): J. Agler and J. E. McCarthy
  • Title: Coset decision trees and the Fourier algebra
    Author(s): T. Sanders
  • Title: A Whittaker-Plancherel Inversion Formula for $SL_2(C)$
    Author(s): Zhi Qi and Chang Yang
  • Title: Solutions for a nonlocal problem involving a Hardy potential and critical growth
    Author(s): Chunhua Wang, Jing Yang and Jing Zhou
  • Title: On nonhomogeneous elliptic equations with the Hardy-Leray potentials
    Author(s): Huyuan Chen, Alexander Quaas and Feng Zhou
  • Title: Seminorms for multiple averages along polynomials and applications to joint ergodicity
    Author(s): S. Donoso, A. Koutsogiannis and W. Sun
  • Title: The smallest singular value of heavy-tailed not necessarily i.i.d. random matrices via random rounding
    Author(s): G. Livshyts
  • Title: Obstructions for automorphic quasiregular maps and Latt\`es-type uniformly quasiregular maps
    Author(s): I. Kangasniemi
  • Title: Sloshing, Steklov and corners: Asymptotics of sloshing eigenvalues
    Author(s): M. Levitin, L. Parnovski, Y. Polterovich and D. A. Sher
  • Title: Non-boundedness of the number of nodal domains of a sum of eigenfunctions
    Author(s): P. B\'erard, P. Charron and B. Helffer
  • Title: Two arithmetic applications of perturbations of composition operators
    Author(s): S. Bettin and S. Drappeau
  • Title: Oscillatory Loomis-Whitney and projections of sublevel sets
    Author(s): M. Gilula, K. O'Neill and L. Xiao
  • Title: Generalized eigenfunctions and eigenvalues: A unifying framework for Shnol-type theorems
    Author(s): S. Beckus and B. Devyver
  • Title: A $T1$ theorem for general Calder\'on-Zygmund operators with doubling weights, and optimal cancellation condition
    Author(s): E. T. Sawyer
  • Title: Le poids de polyn\^omes irr\'eductibles \`a coefficients dans un corps fini
    Author(s): M. Car and C. Mauduit
  • Title: Coorbit spaces associated to integrably admissible dilation groups
    Author(s): H. F\"uhr and J. T. van Velthoven
  • Title: Fully nonlinear mean-field games
    Author(s): P. D. S. Andrade and E. A. Pimentel
  • Title: Symbolic extensions for 3-dimensional diffeomorphisms
    Author(s): D. Burguet and Gang Liao
  • Title: Singular Integrals on $C^{1,\alpha}$ curves in Carnot groups
    Author(s): V. Chousionis, S. Li and S. Zimmerman
  • Title: Cauchy singular integral operator with parameters in Log-H\"older spaces
    Author(s): Yifei Pan and Yuan Zhang
  • Title: On a Theorem of Wolff Revisited
    Author(s): M. Akman, J. Lewis and A. Vogel
  • Title: On the quasiconformal equivalence of dynamical Cantor sets
    Author(s): Hiroshige Shiga
  • Title: M\"obius orthogonality of sequences with maximal entropy
    Author(s): M. Drmota, C. Mauduit, J. Rivat and L. Spiegelhofer
  • Title: Nonhomogeneous quasilinear elliptic problems: linear and sublinear cases
    Author(s): L. Jeanjean and V. D. Radulescu
  • Title: On the dimension of $k$-medial axis for arbitrary closed set
    Author(s): Xiangyu Liang
  • Title: On the packing dimension of Furstenberg sets
    Author(s): P. Shmerkin
  • Title: Liouville type results for spherical symmetric linear differential operators with constant coefficients
    Author(s): L. D'Ambrosio and E. Jannelli
  • Title: Comparison radius and mean topological dimension: Rokhlin property, comparison of open sets, and subhomogeneous C*-algebras
    Author(s): Zhuang Niu
  • Title: Liouville type theorems, a priori estimates and existence of solutions for higher order Lane-Emden-Hardy equations
    Author(s): Shaolong Peng, Wei Dai and Guolin Qin
    Author(s): A. Katz
  • Title: Arnol'd's type theorem on a neighborhood of a cycle of rational curves
    Author(s): Y. Koike
  • Title: Interface Asymptotics of Wigner-Weyl Distributions for the Harmonic Oscillator
    Author(s): B. Hanin and S. Zelditch
  • Title: On the Poincar\'e lemma on domains
    Author(s): P. Bousquet and H.-P. Nguyen
  • Title: Fractional Gaussian fields on the Sierpinski Gasket and related fractals
    Author(s): F. Baudoin and C. Lacaux
    Author(s): A. Banerjee, G. D\'avila and Y. Sire
  • Title: Nonsingular Poisson suspensions
    Author(s): A. I. Danilenko, Z. Kosloff and E. Roy
  • Title: Spectral structure of the Neumann--Poincar\'e operator on thin domains in two dimensions
    Author(s): Kazunori Ando, Hyeonbae Kang and Yoshihisa Miyanishi
  • Title: Rigidity of generalized Veech 1969/Sataev 1975 extensions of rotations
    Author(s): S. Ferenczi and P. Hubert
  • Title: Dynamics of polynomial semigroups: measures, potentials, and external fields
    Author(s): M. Londhe
  • Title: On Absolutely Continuous Invariant Measures and Krieger-Type of Markov Subshifts
    Author(s): N. Avraham-Re'em
  • Title: On subsequences of Lebesgue functions of general uniformly bounded ONS
    Author(s): R. Getsadze
  • Title: The limiting behavior of constrained minimizers in Orlicz-Sobolev spaces
    Author(s): G. Ercole, V. M. Magalhaes and G. A. Pereira
  • Title: Correction to ``Local Asymptotics for the Orthonormal Polynomials on the Unit Circle Via Universality"
    Author(s): D. S. Lubinsky
  • Title: Localisation for Delone operators via Bernoulli randomisation
    Author(s): P. Mueller and C. Rojas-Molina
  • Title: Furstenberg systems of Hardy field sequences and applications
    Author(s): N. Frantzikinakis
  • Title: Sunrise strategy for the continuity of maximal operators
    Author(s): E. Carneiro, C. Gonz\'alez-Riquelme and J. Madrid
  • Title: Global solvability and propagation of regularity of sums of squares on compact manifolds
    Author(s): G. Araujo, I. A. Ferra and L. F. Ragognette
  • Title: Quasiconformal geometry and removable sets for conformal mappings
    Author(s): T. Ikonen and M. Romney
  • Title: On the logarithmic energy of points on $S^3$
    Author(s): S. Steinerberger