José Ibrahim Villanueva Gutiérrez

Postdoctoral researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem  


Einstein Institute of Mathematics

Givat Ram. Jerusalem, 9190401


Welcome to my website!

I am currently a Postdoc in mathematics at the Einstein Mathematics Institute of Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I belong to the research group, lead by Michael Temkin. Before I was in the Mathematics Institute of Heidelberg. I obtained my PhD degree at the Mathematics Institute of Bordeaux (Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux), funded through a CONACYT grant.

My research is about algebraic number theory, Iwasawa theory, logarithmic arithmetic.

This website is intended to provide information concerning my research and some of my academic activities, please feel free to contact me.

Last update 24.12.2020





Maths for all



On the structure of certain Γ-difference modules. Joint with Ehud de Shalit, 2020.

Submitted: Torres infinitas sorprendentes: Una introducción a la teoría de Iwasawa. Joint with Michael Fütterer, 2019.

Topological behaviour of logarithmic invariants. Memorias de la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana, 2019.

On the mu and lambda invariants of the logarithmic class group. Journal of Number Theory, 2020.


PhD Thesis: Sur quelques questions en Théorie d'Iwasawa

Master Thesis: Algebraic Values of Transcendental Functions

Bachelor Thesis: Applications of the Arithmetic Theory of Elliptic Curves


Campos Finitos y Teoría de Galois. Notas del curso Campos Finitos y Teoría de Galois en la Universidad de El Salvador Facultad de San Miguel (2017).

Aritmética Algorítmica. Notas del curso Aritmética Algorítmica en la Universidad de El Salvador (2017).

Théorie d'Iwasawa. Notes of the lectures by Jean-François Jaulent given at the University of Bordeaux (2014).

Théorie des Nombres de Base. Notes of the lectures by Jean-François Jaulent given at Mathematics Doctoral School of Bordeaux (91/92, 92/93 & 93/94).

Maths for all

The blog of the course A visual Introduction to Complex Analysis at Nesin Mathematics Village in Sirince, Turkey (July 2015).

The blog of the Science Club Universo Fractal at COZCYT in Zacatecas, Mexico (July 2017).

El procesamiento digital de imágenes. Artículo en la revista eek' .


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