Altered local uniformization of Berkovich spaces                                     PDF (230 KB)
1-14, to appear in Isr. J. of Math.

Wild coverings of Berkovich curves                                                           PDF (149 KB)
1-8, to appear in Publications Mathématiques de Besançon.

On relative birational geometry and Nagata's,
 compactification for algebraic spaces                                                         PDF (392 KB)
1-28, joint work with I. Tyomkin, to appear in IMRN.

Functorial desingularization over Q:
boundaries and the embedded case                                                             PDF (389 KB)
1-34, to appear in Isr. J. of Math..

Luna's fundamental lemma for diagonalizable groups                              PDF (467 KB)
joint work with D. Abramovich, 1-38, to appear in Alg. Geom.

Functorial factorization of birational maps
for qe schemes in characteristic 0                                                                PDF (565 KB)
joint work with D. Abramovich, 1-45.

Endomorphisms of power series fields and residue fields
of Fargues-Fontaine curves                                                                           PDF (129 KB)
joint work with K. Kedlaya, 1-6.

Topological transcendence degree                                                                 PDF (300KB)

Toroidal orbifolds, destackification and Kummer blowings up                 PDF (412 KB)
joint work with D. Abramovich and J. Wlodarczyk, 1-29.

Principalization of ideals on logarithmic orbifolds                                      PDF (663 KB)
joint work with D. Abramovich and J. Wlodarczyk, 1-55.

Lifting problem for minimally wild covers of Berkovich curves                 PDF (485 KB)
joint work with U. Brezner, 1-35.

Works in Progress

These are preliminary versions which may change from time to time.

Descent for non-archimedean analytic spaces                                             PDF (394 KB)
joint work with B. Conrad, 1-30.