Tamar Ziegler

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Academic Appointments:

October 2018 -   Henry and Manya Noskwith Chair in Mathematics, Hebrew University, Israel.
July 2013 -   Professor, Hebrew University, Israel.
Spring 2017   Simons Professor MSRI.
2013 - 2014   Professor, Technion, Israel.
2012 - 2013   Visiting Associate Professor, Stanford.
2010 - 2012   Associate Professor, Technion, Israel.
2007 - 2010   Senior Lecturer, Technion, Israel.
2005 - 2007   Postdoc Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan.
2005 - 2006   Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ.
2002 - 2005   Zassenhaus Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University.

Academic Degrees:

2003   Ph.D. in mathematics, The Hebrew University.
1998   M.Sc. in mathematics, The Hebrew University.
1995   B.Sc. in mathematics, The Hebrew University.


Ph.D. Thesis   Nonconventional ergodic averages.   Advisor: H. Furstenberg.
M.Sc. Thesis   An application of ergodic theory to a problem in geometric Ramsey theory.   Advisor: H. Furstenberg.

Awards and Honors:

Ludwig Schläfli lecture 2018.
Rector's Prize for Excellence in Research and Teaching , 2016.
ERC Consolidator grant, 2016-2021.
Michael Bruno Memorial Award, 2015.
ICM 2014 invited talk.
CRM 30th anniversary, Barcelona 2014.
Wolfe Lecture in Mathematics, Rice University 2013.
EMS Lecturer of the year 2013.
ISF Grant, 2013 - 2017.
Erdos prize, 2011.
Taub research prize, 2011.
ISF Grant, 2008 - 2012.
Ostrowski Fellowship of the Osrowski foundation in Basel, 2008.
Landau Fellowship of the Taub Foundation, Leader in Science and Technology program, 2008-2010.
Alon Fellowship for outstanding new faculty members in Israeli universities, 2008-2011.
BSF grant jointly with Vitaly Bergelson, 2007 - 2011.
Klein prize for excellence in teaching, 2000.
Avraham Yehuda Urbach prize for excellence in research ,1997.

Public Professional Activities:

2017 - Editor-in-Chief Israel Journal of Mathematics.
2016 - Associate editor Annals of Mathematics
2016 - Editor Discrete Analysis
2014 - Editor Journal of European Mathematical Society.
2014 - Editor Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences.
Organizer Workshop on Additive Combinatorics. Co-organized with B. Green, S. Kopparty, R. O'Donnell, Harvard, October 2017.
Organizer Ergodic Theory: Numbers, Fractals, and Geometry. Co-organized with M. Einsiedler, T. Ward. Oxford, September 2017.
Organizer The third Israeli conference for women in mathematics. IIAS Jerusalem. Co-organized with S. Artstein, L. Kessler, C. Perin.. September 2017.
2013-2017 Organizer HUJI math colloquium.
Organizer Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium. February 2017.
Organizer The second Israeli conference for women in mathematics Co-organized with S. Artstein, Y. Algom-Kfir, IIAS Jerusalem September 2016.
Organizer Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium. February 2017.
Organizer Ergodic Theory, Fractals and Groups. October 2015. Co-organized with V. Bergelson, M. Hochman, E. Lindenstrauss, S. Mozes, Y. Peres
Organizer Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium. February 2015.
Organizer IMA Annual Program Year Workshop Additive and Analytic Combinatorics. Co-organized with D. Conlon, E. Croot, V. Vu. September 2014.
Scientific organizer Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ergodic Theory and Combinatorial Number Theory. Co-organized with Vitaly Bergelson, Nikos Frantzikinakis, Terence Tao, Oct 2012.
Scientific organizer Erwin Schrodinger International Institute program Combinatorics, Number theory and Dynamical systems, October - December 2011. Co-organized with M. Einsiedler, P. Grabner, C. Krattenthaler.
2011-2012: Organizer of the analysis seminar.
2009-2011: Organizer of department colloquium.
2009-2010: Committee for youth activities (including Tomba 2010).
2003-2005: Organizer of the ergodic theory and probability seminar at The Ohio State University.
Seminar instructor at the Ross Program, summer 2005, The Ohio-State University.