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The Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas


Name Area of Interest
Prof. Matania Ben - Artzi Applied mathematics, Mathematical physics, Partial differential equations
Dr. Noam Berger Probability theory
Prof. Ehud de Shalit Number theory, Algebraic geometry, Modular forms
Prof. Emanuel Farjoun Homotopy theory, Algebraic topology
Prof. Hershel M. Farkas Complex function theory, Riemann surfaces, Theta functions, Combinatorial number theory
Prof. Ehud Friedgut Combinatorics, Probabilistic Methods, Discrete Harmonic Analysis
Dr. Tzachi Gelander Discrete and dense subgroups of analytic groups. Algebraic groups and number theory. Arithmetic groups and locally symmetric spaces
Prof. Gil Kalai Convexity, Combinatorics
Prof. David Kazhdan Representation theory
Prof. Yuri I. Kifer Dynamical systems, Probabilistic methods in analysis
Prof. Raz Kupferman Applied mathematics,Flow dynamics and turbulence, Physics of visco-elastic polymers
Prof. Erez Lapid Automorphic forms, trace formula
Prof. Yoram Last Mathematical physics, Spectral and dynamical problems of quantum mechanics
Prof. Ruth Lawrence-Naimark Knot theory and topology
Prof. Genadi Levin Complex and low-dimensional dynamics, Complex analysis
Prof. Ron Livne Algebraic geometry, Modular forms, Diophantine equations
Prof. Alex Lubotzky Groups, Algebraic groups, Discrete subgroups of Lie groups, Combinatorics
Prof. Shahar Mozes Lie groups, Discrete subgroups, Ergodic theory
Dr. Dan Romik Probability, combinatorics, ergodic theory
Prof. Zlil Sela Low dimensional topology, group theory
Prof. Saharon Shelah Mathematical logic, Model theory, Set theory
Dr. Evgeny Strahov Random Matrix Theory, Integrable Systems
Prof. Andrzej Szankowski Functional analysis, Banach space theory
Prof. Yakov Varshavsky Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, Algebraic groups, Geometric aspects of Langlands's program
Prof. Benjamin Weiss Ergodic theory, Topological dynamics, Probability theory

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