Moshe Kamensky

my picture I am currently a postdoc at the Mathematics department of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. I work here with Ehud Hrushovski.

Previously, I was a postdoc at the Mathematics department of Notre-Dame University, where I worked with Sergei Starchenko, as well as others in the logic group.

Before that, I was a postdoc at the Pure Math department of the University of Waterloo. I worked there with Rahim Moosa.

Even before that, I was a Modnet postdoc at the maths department of the University of East-Anglia, where I worked with David Evans.

My full CV is available, and my contact details are below.

Research interests

I am interested in model theory, and its interactions with other areas of mathematics, especially algebraic geometry, representation theory and differential equations. I also like algebraic geometry in general, as well as category theory and related subjects. A more detailed description of my past and planned research is available. I was the principal investigator for NSF grant 1001741, Model theory and applications to algebra and geometry (2010-2013).

Papers and pre-prints

My papers are also available on the arXiv.


Winter 2012
Calculus III (course materials on Concourse)
Fall 2011
Graduate course on set theory (mainly forcing). Lecture notes
Winter 2011
Undergraduate algebra (basic group theory and Galois theory). Lecture notes
Winter and Fall 2010, and Winter 2011
Calculus III (course materials on Concourse)
Fall 2009
Graduate course on the model theory of difference fields (ACFA). Lecture notes
Winter 2009
Calculus II for biologists (Waterloo)
Spring 2008
Introduction to group theory, PMath 336 (Waterloo). Essentially the same as the group theory part of the algebra notes above.
Fall 2007
Linear algebra for engineers, Math 115 (Waterloo). Lecture notes.

Lecture notes

Here are some notes, mainly from lectures I gave.


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