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In memoriam    לזכרם

Lior, Aryeh, and Michael. December 26, 2008 / By Gil Kalai.

Dauben, Joseph Warren: Abraham Robinson : the creation of nonstandard analysis. Princeton University Press, ©1995.
Includes information on the early Einstein Institute and about the teachers: Fraenkel, Amirá, Fekete, Levitzki, Motzkin, and Toeplitz.

Binyamin Amira Binyamin Amirá    (1896-1968)

Shimshon A. Amitsur Shimshon Avraham Amitsur    (1921-1994)    [picture] Amitsur Memorial Symposium

Aryeh Dvoretzky Aryeh Dvoretzky    (1916-2008)

Annual lecture series in memory of Prof. Aryeh Dvoretzky

Michael Fekete Michael Fekete    (1886-1957)

Adolf Abraham Halevi Fraenkel Adolf Abraham Halevi Fraenkel    (1891 - 1965)  /  The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
Adolf Abraham Halevi Fraenkel / Wikipedia

Edmund Landau Edmund Landau    (1877-1938) A display dedicated to Edmund Landau, is located in the reception hall on the 2nd floor of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Givat-Ram.

The Landau Lecture series
Previously sponsored by the The Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas
Past lectures (1991-2010): The Landau Lecture series

Jacob Levitzki Jacob Levitzki    (1904-1956)

Levitzki Prize in Algebra    פרס לויצקי לאלגברה  /  Israel Mathematical Society    האיגוד הישראלי למתמטיקה

Joram Lindenstrauss Joram Lindenstrauss    (1936-2012)

Michael Maschler Michael Maschler    (1927-2008)    [picture]


The Michael B. Maschler Prize  /  Games Research Group, Tel-Aviv University

David Mejzler David Mejzler    (1913-1996)

Amnon Pazy Amnon Pazy    (1936-2006)    [picture: Amnon Pazy- president of the HU, 1989]

Lior Tzafriri Lior Tzafriri    (1936-2008)    [picture]

Online lectures (Hebrew University users only)
Infinitesimal calculus 2 1997 חשבון אינפיניטסימלי 2 80.132
Complex variables 1995 פונקציות מרוכבות 80.519

Prof. Lior Tzafiri Memorial Lecture & prize    (Annual event)

Alexander Zabrodsky Alexander Zabrodsky    (1936-1986)    [picture] Annual Lecture Series in Topology and Geometry in memory of Prof. Alexander Zabrodsky

Other mathematicians affiliated with the Hebrew University during their career:
Past Library Directors
In Memory of ... / AMS
In memoriam / MAA Online.

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