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Annual Lecture Series in Topology and Geometry
in memory of
Prof. Alexander Zabrodsky

The Einstein Institute of Mathematics invites you to this year's Annual Lecture Series in Topology and Geometry in memory of Prof. Alexander Zabrodsky:

Prof. Boris Dubrovin    (SISSA)

The lectures will be held at the Edmond Safra Campus    Givat Ram, Jerusalem

First talk:    Thursday, April 30th, Colloquium, 14:30-15:30    Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Lecture Hall 2

Title: Integrable systems and moduli spaces

A gathering in memory of Prof. Alexander Zabrodsky will be held at 15:30 in the faculty lounge.

Abstract: The study of interconnections between integrable systems and topology of Deligne - Mumford moduli spaces of stable algebraic curves and their generalisations has been initiated by E.Witten and M.Kontsevich at the beginning of 90s. In the talk I will explain some basic ideas about the conjectural correspondence between the class of smooth projective varieties with semisimple quantum cohomology and a class of hierarchies of integrable PDEs.

Slides from the lecture

Second talk:    Sunday, May 3rd, 16:00-17:00,    Ross 70A

Title: On quantum integrable systems, Schur polynomials and symplectic field theory

Abstract: I will construct a complete set of eigenvectors of commuting Hamiltonian operators arising in the theory of quantum Hopf equation. Such operators naturally arise in the setting of Symplectic Field Theory (SFT) by Y.Eliashberg, A.Givental and H.Hofer in computations of the SFT invariants of a disk.

Slides from the lecture

Third talk:    Tuesday, May 5th, 14:00-15:00    Ross 70A

Title: Degree zero Gromov - Witten potential of a Calabi - Yau threefold and MacMahon function

Abstract: It will be computed the generating function of degree zero Gromov - Witten invariants and their descendants of a smooth projective threefold. For the Calabi - Yau case connections of the resulting formula with the MacMahon generating function in the theory of plane partitions will be discussed.

Slides from the lecture

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